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Expansion of international trade more goods transported across state and territory borders. The customs authorities involved in international trade regulation and control of the activities of processing by customs procedures and other customs-approved treatment to the customs territory of the imported and export goods. Because UAB "Vakarų Logistikos Centras'' employs highly qualified customs brokers, who provide services to clients in accordance with the European Union customs legislation of the Community Customs Code of the Republic of Lithuania and other laws and legal acts. Something to save the customer valuable time in our company's employees prior to transportation, loading, transhipment, customs prepares a single document (BD) for all customs procedures, a data-processing technique (MDAS and NCTS systems). Also keep the bill of lading (CMR), TIR, BDK, the customer's request provide the local customs office of Intrastat reports.

According to customer requirements, general documentation and other required documents accompanying the goods, as well as provide goods for customs clearance, inspection.

In būtynumui perform customs documentation support, cancellation, provided a permit, certificate, certification, preparing appeals customs Accommodate warrants policies, weigh loads and provide a representation of the territorial and sea ports of entry.

Our services are not limited clearance declarations - also can offer the customs warehousing arrangements, ie storage of goods under customs control your stock, your pageidaujamuosiuose and vacant warehouses. Keep a customs warehouse the goods in accounting.

We are timely and time combine to customer needs.